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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Me Made May Day 6

See what I mean about the hips!

I've never sewn with jersey before which I suppose is quite a surprise.  It's probably quite a good fabric for beginners as no zips or fastenings are necessary but I've always been a little scared by its stretchiness!

So, with a bit of Me Made May bravery I decided to tackle this gap in my sewing knowledge.  I knew that I didn't want to make too plain a skirt and so I choose a pattern from my BurdaStyle magazine that had some pleats at the side - yet it was still marked 'easy'.

This leads me to think that one person's 'easy' is another person's 'aaaargh!'.  The fabric kept jamming in the machine and I didn't quite match up the pleats but once the shaping was done I agree the construction of the actual skirt was a doddle.  I even used twin needles for the hem.  I felt very brave!

I do actually love the skirt and think that I will wear it quite a bit as it's soooo comfy.  And yes, I will definitely be using jersey a lot more.


  1. gorgeous print, i love it! wearing jersey is like wearing soft air :)

  2. That print is the bee's knees! Sorry you had to do some wrangling with it though.