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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Me Made May Day 5

I often indulge in a little bit of charity shopping of a weekend.  Of course I have all the more reason to this month - hopefully I can find a few items to refashion!  On a me made front I am wearing a hat that I knitted from a magazine kit and my mum knitted the scarf.  I made the butterfly brooch you can see on the jacket and I realised once I looked at the photo I also made the shopping bag out of an unwanted sarong.

I took some quick photos of things that caught my eye.

Look - I've made a new friend!  Thank you Mr HoffiCoffi for not batting an eyelid when your wife mouthed "take my photo through the window!".  Hopefully I will have a few more refashioned outfits before the end of the month!

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