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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Me Made May Day 3

It's always nice to start a blog post with a bit of Welsh!

Today I decided to brave the horrible weather and check out my local dressmaking class.

Checklist as I left the house:  Me Made Colette Peony Dress: Check - Pink Wellington Boots: Check - Floral Shopping Trolley: Check - bemused looks from passers by whilst I photograph my knee: Check Check Check!

The local Adult Eduction Centre is in an old school and it's quite an imposing building.

You will sew a straight seam or there will be detention!

Actually it wasn't like that at all.  The tutor was very nice and the other ladies there were all lovely.  I'm not sure if I will become a regular but there was lots of inspirational sewing going on in the room.

At the end I nipped out into the communal area to take a quick photo of my dress using the timer function on my camera.  Sorry it's not the best photo.  I felt it best if I did it super quick as I realised it was a vaguely odd thing to do and I didn't feel brave enough to ask someone I just met whether they would mind photographing my dress.  After all, these ladies had seen me putting wellies in a shopping trolley - I wasn't exactly running with the cool kids just yet! 


  1. Very cute dress, I love the pretty fabric!

    1. Thank you. I seem to have been drawn to yellow recently!