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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Me Made May Day 2

I go for a coffee with the girls once a week.  My friends are fairly used to me now and don't really bat an eyelid at my unusual requests, like 'please could you take a photo of my hands'!

So there was little surprise that I wanted to be photographed next to the gorgeous wallpaper in our local coffee shop wearing a me made dress.  Props were obtained from other tables (it was quite early so we didn't disturb anyone!) and a camera was thrust at a volunteer.  Well, actually I can't quite remember Lisa volunteering....

I'm not sure why they chose a puppy book?  I was hoping for something a little more ethereal.

This was the second vase of flowers that was placed on the table.  My friends have an eye for detail....

Loving the chandelier shot.  Do you think you could follow me around for a month Lisa?  I need a photo every day.

Friends now thinking... 'isn't it time we ordered coffee?'  'How long can she keep this up - she's got another book now - we loved the puppy one....'  'Surely she's going to lose the plot in a minute.'

'Yep, there she goes!'


  1. Always good to have slaves to do your bidding! Lovely dress!

    1. Thank you. I think my slaves might get a bit fed up of me by the end of the month though! :)