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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Me Made May Day 12

It's sunny!  It's actually sunny!

Grabbed the family and headed off to our local lakes. 

Lots of activity on the water and an idyllic setting to photograph day 12 of Me Made May.

Today I am wearing a skirt I made by refashioning a dress I bought at a jumble sale for 30 pence.  You can see the quite dodgy original dress here.  The jacket is from a charity shop and the smile is due to the fact that it is sunny!

Mr HoffiCoffi getting very arty with this shot of me in the distance.

Spending time together on the weekend.  Lush.

All this coupled with the British fascination of 'a brew and a view'.  I loved this drinks menu in the on-site cafe.

Pot of Tea for Four for One please!


  1. Was that pot of tea for four just for you or did you share it? I'd be tempted to keep it all to myself!!

    I really like the colour combinations you're wearing today, I like the green of your jacket especially!

    1. I was very restrained with my tea drinking and decided not to go for the tea for four - which isn't like me!

      The jacket was a real find as it was on the half price rail in the charity shop - I'm not sure why as it was in perfect condition but I didn't complain!