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Sunday, 29 April 2012

I've got a bit of a soft spot for lacemaking.  As I am very much a newbie at such an interesting yet focused craft it is a bit of a  labour of love to produce anything, but I am trying to master a 'quick make' using just a simple torchon ground stitch.

I found the crochet cotton above for £1.99 in a charity shop and knew it would be great to use.  So along with a few colours I already had I set about my little production line.

Using such a simple stitch meant that I didn't have to constantly refer to instructions and I could just enjoy the process of crossing the bobbins back and fore.  (I have just done a google search of back and fore as I wasn't sure whether it was that or back and forth and apparently back and fore is a bit of a 'Wenglish' way of saying it i.e. how we do speak in the valley's in Wales like!  I hope you don't mind if I keep it in.)   Anyway, I digress...

Three bookmarks made so far and still so many colour combinations to try.  Any suggestions for combinations gratefully received.  I've also got royal blue, dark green and white!


  1. Haha! Love the Wenglish! Didn't even realise that was a Welsh way of saying it. Such a good charity shop find.

  2. Great that you make lace!
    I do too but I must admit not for a few years now as I have been sidetracked into other areas of being creative.My pillows are stored in an inaccessible part of the house and I need someone to help me get to them and I never got around to organising my son to help me when he was here at Easter otherwise I was fully intending to have a go.
    If you are interested I have got a couple of posts on my blog at the moment and I intend to do another one soon as I found some more hidden lace the other day.
    I know what you mean by a labour of love as you can spend hours doing it and then when you look back at your work it seems as though you have done nothing!That is probably why I put it aside for awhile as I am too impatient!
    Keep it up!!