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Friday, 24 February 2012

Yellow Peril

Like most quilters I have quite a lot of scrap fabric hanging about.  After I've finished making something the teeny tiny pieces tend to get shoved into a plastic bag.  It's a very good feeling thinking that you're not wasting anything but, of course, it's only a saving if you actually use the pieces in the end!

My scrap bags have been building up a bit and I thought it was high time I used them.  An obvious choice is the good old log cabin block. Now it's not my favourite patchwork block.  No offence to the log cabin but it never really appeals to me.  However it is great for offcuts of fabric as you can just cut the pieces into strips and hopefully even the smallest strips can get used at the start of the block. 

I've tried to unify the blocks somewhat by using the same material for the central square and also using yellow and oranges every time for the outer square.  I was interested to see how the dreaded yellow, which is said to easily overpower a quilt, would look used in such abundance.  I actually think it's probably easier to splash it all over the quilt top so your eye isn't drawn to that sole yellow block trying to hide nonchalantly in a corner somewhere.

It is quite worrying how many blocks I've managed to make from offcuts I found on my shelves downstairs when my 'proper' fabric stash is all put away upstairs.  Fabric addict?  Me?  Surely not!

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