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Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Peony Dress

After finishing my version of the Peony dress I had a bit of a dilemma.  It was half term and I was therefore in charge of two children.  How was I to find the time to needlessly put on make up and pose for photos with said poor, confused children looking on.

I'll tell you how I did it.   In Wales we are rather fond of an Eisteddfod.  It's an opportunity for the folks of Wales to show their skills in everything from arts and crafts to reciting, dancing and, of course, singing!  There is a youth version as well and, as my children are members of the youth group known as the Urdd, they are entitled to enter.

I know this isn't explaining why a forty year old woman is blowing bubbles but bear with me...

The theme for craft entries for this year at the Urdd Eisteddfod is 'celebration'.  Before my daughter had time to protest she had her mother stood in front of her in her new dress blowing up balloons.  So, the photo shoot is entirely choreographed and shot by my daughter.  I'm very impressed with how they've turned out and these aren't even the best ones - those have been saved to enter into the photography category of the show.

I'm loving the neckline of the dress.  The darts in the back worked beautifully but as you can see from the first photograph I'm not sure the bust darts were in quite the right place - there's quite a bit of bunching of fabric in the bodice when trying to blow bubbles - something which of course I do with alarming regularity!

I lengthened the skirt by a couple of inches.  It means the dress finishes at a very dignified knee level - well, I obviously think it's important to act my age! :)


  1. Looks like fun - let age be no barrier to blowing bubbles (well, I'm older than you and I do still enjoy hogging the bubble mix). It is hard to take photos for the blog with kids around - but these photos are very interesting, so good luck in the competition!

    1. Thank you. My daughter has made a cushion as well so she is hoping to get a medal. It was just a great excuse to blow bubbles really! x

  2. You arenever too old toblow bubbles! What a fun day. Your dress lookscute and I think the photo with you behind the balloon is very artistically photographed!

  3. Thank you. It was very technically done with my daughter throwing balloons in the air and quickly taking the photo! I loved making the dress so I'm hoping to perfect the pattern for me and make a few more.