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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Flower Skirt

The birthday girl has opened her presents so I can now reveal what I was working on last week.

This is a skirt made for my daughter's friend.  I've seen similar ones on sale for quite a bit of money so thought I would have a bash at making my own.  The skirt pattern is a very basic one from my BurdaStyle magazine and the applique design is from a book from the talented Piece 'O Cake ladies. 

Luckily the maths wasn't too hard on this one!  A four inch pattern repeat fitted exactly around the bottom of the skirt so it was easy, with the help of a light box, to accurately place the design.

I'm afraid I didn't get a very good quality picture of the skirt in it's entirety.  I just managed to finish it before the party and I only had time to take some quick photos before it went out the door in a gift bag!

I love Piece 'O Cake designs.  Don't think I've ever seen a quilt of theirs I didn't like...

The material is from Ray Stitch and ordered online.  The ladies there were most helpful and colour matched the thread for me.  I think I pretty much just got lucky with such an accurate colour match for the lining!  I am often in for a bit of a surprise when fabrics come through the post.  Colours can look totally different on the screen.

Overall I am very pleased with the skirt.  It did take a long time to do but it was time very enjoyably spent.  Just feel a tad guilty about the lack of housework last week!


  1. I tagged you in my blog post!

  2. I love the applique on this skirt so much! I'm pinning it now.

    1. Gosh I've never been pinned before! Thank you. x