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Friday, 6 January 2012

Red Top Revamp

Thought that I should start the New Year as I mean to go on and try and tackle some projects that have been hanging around.

This top has been hanging - literally - on my model Merle for at least six months.

I bought it for 20 pence at a jumble sale with the purpose of practising my alteration skills on it.  It's a UK size 18 and I am a (debatable) size 14.  I picked it up because it is a good quality Per Una brand top and is 100 percent linen.  Bargain!

First things first.  I cut off the sleeves!  I realise this may well be the cowards way out but I just couldn't face trying to set in new sleeves so it became sleeveless.  One step at a time I say!

Then I pinned the sides a little closer to Merle and just sewed a new seam.  Not very scientific I know.

I decided to change the buttons as I wanted to bind the armholes with some contrasting bias binding - so a nautical theme emerged with royal blue.  I used six buttons I purchased from an indoor market for about 5 pence each and the binding was kindly given to me by a lady in Penarth who was clearing out her mother's things.  A lovely surprise when I opened out the bias binding was an old business card from the supplier - now no longer there I believe.

I'm not sure when telephone numbers in the UK stopped being four digits but I am thinking this is a rather old card.

Anyway - the finished result is finally a wearable top.

As you can see I am a very happy customer!



  1. So nice on you know.and I love the red lipstick!

  2. Such a nice job refashioning the top. I didn't know you could cut a sleeve like that and apply binding. I love learning new things! Thanks for the post, saw you at Sew Country Chick.

  3. Success! Your new top looks great on you.