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Sunday, 4 September 2011

I like to set myself little challenges. A few posts ago I photographed two cushions that I made out of one metre of Ikea cheap and cheerful fabric. Afterwards I looked at the fabric pieces leftover on my sewing table and thought, well I may as well keep going....

Let's see how many items I can make out of one metre of fabric.

There is this little make up bag. The zip was kindly given to me (this is how I justify my huge stash of fabrics and notions - you never know when something will be perfect for a project!). The lining is from a ripped pair of pyjama trousers which I used for years and was very sad when they finally gave up the ghost.

I then had a crack at a shopping bag. They are introducing a plastic bag tax here in Wales next month so there is all the more reason to make as many shopping bags as possible - one scrunched up into every handbag I own should do it!

I went right up to the wire with this one. Look, the selvage is on show! Very devil may care for me! Talk about living in the fast lane!

The thing is, there is still a tiny bit of fabric left...

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