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Monday, 12 September 2011

Free motion machine quilting is difficult.

A few years ago I was admiring a very old quilt in a museum when I overheard two ladies beside me talking, 'You know, people who make quilts do it all by machine these days' said the one lady, which led the other to retort 'Well, they shouldn't!'.

The thing is, I wanted to say to them, have you tried machine quilting? I like to think of myself as a fairly competent hand quilter. Granted, I'm no Sandi Lush (my heroine) but I can make fairly small, fairly even stitches by hand that always come through to the back of the fabric. Machine quilting? Well, machine quilting is difficult.

As a novice machine quilter I only have three pieces of advice for another beginner. Firstly, check the back of your work, secondly, check the back of your work and thirdly, ummm... check the back!

Doh! The back scrunched up and I ended up sewing a fold! This wasn't the worse time it happened. The worst time was when there was a big old crease at the back right in the middle of the quilt but I was far too angry to photograph that one!

Still, when the quilting goes alright it's one of the best feelings in the world.

Only another 200 odd blocks to go!

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