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Friday, 16 September 2011


It's not often that you are asked to blog about your buttons but as Emma Lamb has set down the gauntlet I am happy to pick it up and embellish it!

I'm a bit of a haberdashery hoarder and the picture above is (sadly, or not sadly, depending on your point of view!) not all of my button stash, just my latest acquisition.

This tin of buttons was displayed in the window of a local charity shop, causing me to do a comedy double-take as I wandered past. How I wanted that tin. It was quite an outlay mind you so I pondered it for a while (all right, as soon as I got home I told Mr HoffiCoffi all about it) and he very, very kindly, and not unromantically cycled all the way back into town to buy them for me.

It's obviously intriguing thinking about who must have spent a lifetime putting these buttons together in a tin. Some have obviously been snipped off clothes as there is still some fabric attached to them, there is a British Rail uniform button in there, tiny aqua shell buttons, wooden toggles and at least one marble! I am very humbled to own such a beautiful collection and it inspires me to get better at my crafts so that I can do full justice to any that I use.

Anyway, getting far too serious. Next.... zips!!!!

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