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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Is anyone else a bit in love with Spoonflower? I've been itching to try this American company for ages. For those who have not used it you can send them an image and they will print it onto various fabrics for you.

My daughter copied this delightful image from a colouring book ages ago and I knew I just had to use this as my first experiment into designing fabric. I asked for it to be printed onto the cheapest option - which is quilting cotton - but I was pleased when it came back that it wasn't too thick a fabric and that it would be ideal to make into a skirt.

The skirt is fully lined in cotton lawn. The pattern is a simple one from my Burda magazine - well, I say simple but when the instructions says 'make an 8mm casing and thread 5mm elastic through it' you know you've got a fight on your hands!

There was supposed to be about six rounds of elastic running through the top of the skirt but after almost dislocating my thumb forcing two rounds through with a darning needle (I usually use a safety pin but it was clear that wasn't going to fit!) I decided to call it a day! The plus side is that it has resulted in a rather cute frill at the top of the skirt - unintentional but I'm counting it as a bonus!


  1. Ooh I love this skirt, and the fabric you created (or your daughter did!) is divine!! How clever. I love the colours she used. She must love wearing it. xo

    1. Thank you. It was such fun to design the fabric. If only I could draw I would be designing lots more! x