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Thursday, 14 July 2011

This may well be the first of quite a few posts about a jumble sale I went to recently.

I would like to improve my skills in altering clothes and so I was quite happy to pick up a bundle of items from a local jumble for about 30 pence each. I was looking for interesting materials and clothes a few sizes too large for me that I could alter to make more wearable.

This was one of those items. Modelled by Merle - I'm afraid it makes even Merle look frumpy! The top was quite snagged and I thought I could make the dress into a skirt.

I was probably a bit of a scaredy cat doing this alteration first as it is so simple. You just unpick the skirt from the top of the dress - turn the waist over on itself to make a small tube and sew, leaving only a small gap to insert a piece of elastic a little bit less than your waist measurement. You then secure it with a few stitches to make sure the elastic doesn't turn around too much and you have the easiest skirt to make... ever!

There are some lovely buttons to salvage too and I'm sure I could fussy cut the good bits of the top to make a purse - I hate to see pretty fabric go to waste!

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