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Saturday, 9 July 2011

I've gone back to basics with my lacemaking. I decided to just concentrate on the Torchon ground stitch without trying anything too fancy. I am a big believer in starting from scratch in a new skill and not trying to 'do it my way' until I at least know the proper way of doing things.

It went almost perfectly until two bobbins parted company right at the end. Maybe I went off to find a biscuit at an inopportune moment...

The yarn was a fabulous donation boutique find - a big cone of laceweight yarn for £1. The poor woman in the shop had quite a fright when I tried to get into the store before it had even opened - but I calmed down, went for a cup of tea, and came back!

I've also tried some lace knitting with the yarn but the stitches seem too delicate and complicated for me so I am currently knitting a lovely looking scarf by blending it with some leftover sock yarn. Pictures, I am sure, will follow!

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