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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Please could any experienced lacemakers look away now...

Here is my first attempt at making a complete handkerchief edge in bobbin lace.

As you can see I wasn't quite brave enough to complete a full size hanky so it's more of a coaster edge. I was really pleased with conquering going around corners but otherwise the learning curve seems very steep!

I realise that sometimes pairs of bobbins stay together and sometimes they are meant to separate across the pillow depending on the stitch you are making but mine seemed to decide to part company with each other on a whim. It was as if one bobbin said something mean to the other bobbin about having a fat neck and off the heavily wound bobbin went in a huff. I carried on however, as I knew by then I'd made some sort of mistake but wasn't experienced enough to find a way to correct it.

Anyway, I managed to come back around to the beginning of the lace and of course you then have to join it together. This, apparently, is known as 'making sewings' which I thought would be quite easy - I make a lot of sewings in my day to day life! However, trying to get a too big crochet hook through a tiny lacemaking loop was not a success. By then, any logic had gone out the window so the end is just basically a result of me making various bad knots through any hole I could find! The result is a piece of lace so fragile that if I ever need to clean it I will have to take it to the National Trust's textile conservation studio and ask them to do it!

Still, I love lacemaking! Who can resist little bobbins like these...

I just think I will avoid making any more sewings for a while!

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