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Sunday, 5 June 2011

I'm going a bit lucky dip crazy!

For this year's school fair I have decided to run a lucky dip stall. I love the idea of the children joining in on the day with a cheap and cheerful stall. Of course, there is always that most powerful of forces - pester power - to ensure a healthy amount of trade!

The problem is how to add value to the items I have purchased in various bargain shops to make a profit for the school. Luckily that is where I come in! I have a few (ahem..) pieces of fabric left over from various projects which will not cost me anything but time to make into little bags and accessories to add to the purchased items. As I have a low boredom threshold be prepared for a variety of posts as I haven't seemed to make more of five of any one type of thing!

My excuse for the bags above was that I wanted to try out a new machine embroidery thread. The fabric is leftover from a bag I made - and the fabric itself was a curtain purchased from a charity shop.

I also made these little purses...

The buttons were either given to me or from charity shops and the blue fabric was, again, leftover from a charity shop curtain that I have used for numerous projects. No curtain is safe from my clutches!

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