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Monday, 16 May 2011

My local library doesn't have a massive selection of craft books. I realise space is at a premium there and, going by the adage 'use it or lose it' I try to take out one craft book per visit, hoping it may spur them on to purchase a few more.

The thing is though, having taken the book out I rarely seem to make anything from it. This is partly due to the time constraints of only having the book for a few weeks and I always have something else on the go. But as I love a challenge I thought I would try and make something from them each time.

This week I took out the beautiful book 'Quilt a Gift' by Barri Sue Gaudet and found a perfect way to recycle a stained shirt. (The stain? A forgotten raffle ticket in the pocket which went through the wash and left a permanant mark.)

The blue check in the house door hanger is taken from the shirt.

And on the back of the hanger I decided to go mad and use a fat quarter I had yet to cut into as I love it so much.

So cute!

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