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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Woolen tights do not appear to be a pear shaped girl's best friend. I can never find a pair that fits me. But when I saw a pair heavily reduced the other day I thought it was worth a punt and I bought them.

Imagine my joy when they actually fitted! I was still congratulating myself on my luck when I saw the big hole near the top of them. As shown above. Drat!

Now, I know I should have taken them back - but my reasons for wanting to keep them were threefold. 1. They were very cheap 2. They were the only ones they had left out in my size and 3. They fitted - they actually fitted.

So, the answer to any of life's problems is of course YouTube! Saw a very nice demonstration on how to darn. The lady used a lovely wooden darning mushroom that I am coveting now but I didn't have one of those - so I used a small tin to hold the material in place....

And I was pleasantly surprised at how effective darning is. The obligatory 'after' shot...

One pair of tights saved from the inevitable bin.

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