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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sewing gadgets are a particular weakness of mine. I am the proud owner of too many sets of acrylic patchwork templates, a peculiar bendy ruler and a red thingy that you are supposed to look through to assess the tone of the fabric (no - I've never used that one) to name but a few. But as my previous post will illustrate - I can't possibly fit anything else into my cupboard - and I have been tempted by gadgets that let you make Suffolk puffs into a variety of shapes.

After brainstorming with my sister we realised that the desired effect could be achieved without the need for more plastic fantastic.

Well, brainstorming is too strong a word - we are not inventing the wheel here - just making a Suffolk puff....

And then drawing in the sides with a stitch that goes through the middle of the circle from the underside of the puff. Pull it tight, make four more stitches around and hopefully you get a flower!

In fact, the only downside is how much fabric you need to make one of these. I've taken a picture of the finished flower inside the cookie cutter I used to cut out the fabric circle.

Mind you, if I use up lots of fabric on these that will make a bit of space for a few more gadgets!

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