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Thursday, 10 March 2011


I know, it sounds like a cheesy sci-fi movie but I am, of course, referring to my first experience of knitting with small blocks of colour.

As stated in a previous post I had figured out how to create patterns in a dishcloth. Not particularly groundbreaking but it is my first step into being able to design my own knitting patterns.

My first attempt was to try to create an image by reversing knit and pearl stitches to create a 'relief' in the fabric which I hoped would stand out enough. I wasn't happy with this though as I realised you needed a bigger block of contrast, say, a solid heart shape, which would stand out. Writing was too skinny and just blended in to the surrounding stocking stitch.

I was stuck. Either do really chunky letters and a massive dishcloth or, do the letters in a different colour. Got my knitting 'how-to' book out and the above is the result.

Oooh the power of being able to create pictures! I've got a leaflet somewhere of how to knit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle jumpers! Resist.... resist!

P.s. Thank you Lisa for the box of eggs in return for the dishcloth!

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