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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Would I enjoy making things as much if I had to make them?

I knitted these socks for my son using a yarn I found in my discount supermarket and it got me pondering.

If I had been a housewife in earlier generations, and the only way to obtain new clothes were to make them, would I have enjoyed the process as much as I do now? These socks were enjoyable to make but what if I had to make several pairs of them and all in the same grey with no colourful break in between? Would I enjoy knitting a sweater, if I had to firstly unpick an old sweater and try and find a way of making it fit a growing child by incorporating a completely different ball of wool to size it up?

I'm lucky that I don't have to make stuff - I just like making stuff. I have got three more balls of the grey wool to go so there are a few more school socks to come. However, my sister has bought me the most beautiful hand dyed yarn in shades of red and purple so I am going to remember how lucky I indeed am and really enjoy knitting a pair of socks, finally, for myself.

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