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Monday, 14 February 2011

Sometimes you just need a quick fix. I've got a few larger projects on the go at the moment so on the weekend I just wanted to knit something small. Everyone likes to see the results of their efforts and that's where the easy make can be a blessing in between the epic undertakings in life. (Or maybe I'm just scared to try putting boning into a dress and am putting it off - surely not!)

So I popped into my favourite discount supermarket as it was 'wool' week as I like to call it and got myself some cotton yarn to make dishcloths.

I am dubious about the time it takes making a dishcloth when you can so easily buy them. But it was fun following a pattern I found on the Internet. I'm not so knitting savvy that I can figure out what on earth I am making from K10, P3 alone so it would have been even better if I didn't have a picture. Would have been a very Rolf Harris "can you see what it is yet?" experience.

Actually it is quite hard to see what it is!!! I should have used smaller needles to make a firmer stitch as the picture on the dishcloth is a bit... pardon the pun... wishy washy. A more compact fabric would have given a better relief.

Never mind, they didn't take long to do and only cost about 38 pence and I think I've figured out how to design them. Bit of graph paper and I'm away!

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