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Friday, 14 January 2011

Last year I kept walking past sad, broken, discarded umbrellas. I live quite close to a secondary school and whilst walking the school run in the rain I would often see abandoned brollies at the side of the road. I would always think of them as fabric on the floor and feel sad that they would end up in landfill.

Well this year is obviously the year for turning up the eccentricity as on my way home from school I picked one up! It had been there for a couple of days and it was completely missing a handle - I don't think it will be missed!

My plan is to make rain hats but I am pondering the obvious problem that stitches make holes in fabric and holes don't tend to be very waterproof! I will probably fix this with a French seam which sews the seam twice but I'm sure a look in my numerous books will suggest a better solution.

Or maybe I could make a swishy, multi-layered (depending on the amount of broken umbrellas there are in the world) waterproof skirt and just nudge that eccentricity meter up a few more notches!

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