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Friday, 30 July 2010


After making my daughter a cushion I naturally asked my son if he would like one. He said straight away he wanted a blue cushion, I think he may have been a little worried that I only make cushions in pink! Luckily one of the things he suggested having on there was houses and I thanked my lucky stars as I knew I had many patterns for the schoolhouse patchwork block.

We had fun picking out the fabric and my client was quite clear what he wanted - blue houses, red doors, yellow windows. He was also very taken with a black fabric with stars on and that developed into making a cushion which went from night to day. I would love to take the credit for that but it was the children's idea, I cannot tell a lie!

I have run out of wadding and I knew that I wanted to put just a small amount of quilting on the front of the cushion. Luckily I remembered I had some blue fleece left over from a previous project and there was just enough left to also have it as the cushion back.

This has resulted in making this cushion the softest ever and I have one very happy client!

Monday, 26 July 2010

I have finally finished my daughter's cushion. It is a replica of the cushion she didn't win in the raffle at her school fair.

There is a theory (I'm sure unfounded) that builders' wives are the last ones to get their extensions built and I'm sure it's the same for sewers' families. There are always gifts to make, charity donations to sew and sometimes commissions to produce and so home sewing, actually for the home, is often last on the list.

Saying that though I naturally come at the very bottom. I will just have to look longingly at the broderie anglaise I purchased for myself and just will it to become a dress!

... maybe after I've finished the cushion for my son....

Sunday, 25 July 2010

We have a bit of a charity shop obsession in the HoffiCoffi household and these are just some of the items I purchased on holiday (never let it be said I don't know how to give the kids an action packed holiday!)

Mr HoffiCoffi, however, started to call charity shops 'Chazza' shops. Well, this didn't fit into the yummy mummy persona I am trying so hard to conjure up for myself so I have renamed them 'donation boutiques'! Much nicer!

My favourite find has to be this set of double sheets and pillowcases:-

That's a lot of groovy retro fabric for £5. I was going to cut them up and make myself a lovely 50's style dress but they are in perfect condition so I don't think I can bring myself to change their use. They are billowing on my washing line as I write so they can have a reprieve while I think about it.

The kids did get very spoilt as well (and not just in the charity sho... sorry donation boutiques). Included in their haul was a very cool glittery, light up ball which I couldn't help but photograph.


Saturday, 24 July 2010

Well, this is how my Folksy page is looking so far. I'm hoping that my photography is good enough and my descriptions enticing! I guess I just love the idea of playing shop. My poor mother had to endure hours of my using the upturned coffee table at home as a pretend shopping trolley which I would then fill with all the tins from the kitchen cupboard. Don't think I've grown up yet!

Friday, 23 July 2010

I'm back! Did you miss me? I missed you!

I've had a lovely jubbly holiday in a very picturesque part of West Wales and, as usual, after sampling the excellent light and bright colours Pembrokeshire has to offer, I have come back with renewed crafting vigour.

So much so that I have opened a Folksy shop. It's one of the UK equivalents of Etsy and I thought I would give it a go. Unfortunately so it seems have about a thousand other people! So am not hopeful of making my first million but if I do you'll be the first to know!

The picture above is a rather arty shot of one of my first makes. It's an ipod cover made out of a recycled child's cardigan. And surprise, surprise, it's pink!

Saturday, 10 July 2010


I surprised myself by managing to make a second cake for the 'design a cake' competition I mentioned in an earlier post.

I had a few patchwork blocks made with scraps of the gingham fabric already so I decided to design my cake around them. With my trusty compass I made a template for the sections on the top of the cake and pieced it together. It would probably have been easier to do using the foundation piecing method where you stitch the fabric directly onto the template but I never seem to get it right! (Will have to practice by making a full size quilt I think - should be ok with the technique by the end of that!)

The writing was the trickiest bit and I'm hoping that the skill involved will compensate for the wobbliness! It is done by lowering the feed dogs on the sewing machine, attaching a special quilting foot and then you control the direction and size of the stitch by the speed of the machine and also by how fast you move the material. It feels a bit like patting your head whilst rubbing your tummy. I found out how many 'fancy a slice's' you could machine embroider without going mad. The answer is seven. I did eight!

It took about a day to complete and I prefer it to my earlier entry so I'm hoping I have improved my chances of winning something. If not, and they run a similar competition next year, I'll be struggling over a three tiered wedding cake!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Thought I would share with you my new Internet fabric purchases. They are from a fabric freedom range and were reduced! In my experience fabric is often reduced for one of two reasons. Either they are quite a muddy nondescript colour or, and I feel my purchase falls into the following category, they are quite bold and can therefore be a challenge to blend with other prints.

Luckily I love a challenge and I love the bold, retro feel to these prints. Naturally I've no idea what I will do with them yet. Will I never learn!

Sunday, 4 July 2010


Another weekend, another fete.

This time it was the local scout fete which is quite a big event around these parts. Last year I made some homemade cakes but that wonderful modern concept that is health and safety meant that they couldn't sell homemade food. So this year I decided to make some hair bobbles, (even though they are homemade - I think you would have to be fairly desperate to try and eat them!)

Here they are. I have been thinking more about my presentation and this was a good excuse to try a bit of 'packaging'. It was also a good excuse to try my new purchase of some fusible web. Raw edge applique again? I certainly have gone over to the dark side!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Here is a photo of a cupcake I have entered into a 'design a fabric cake' competition.

I love craft competitions as they can get you making something you may not have done otherwise. Designing a three dimensional cake wasn't on my to-do list before this competition but once challenged, the brain starts to whirr away...

I'm pleased with how the top of the cake turned out but I'm not sure if it is unusual enough to win a prize. I do have another idea bubbling away but as the closing date of the competition looms near I think I may just have to put all my hopes on winning on this little cake.