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Thursday, 25 November 2010


I am surprisingly determined when it comes to sewing techniques I 'don't get'. Usually, if I can't do something I give up pretty quickly (ice-skating? That took about 3 minutes - and it took me that long to get off the ice!) but sewing? Well, I persevere against the odds.

And so it is with a little bete-noire called 'foundation piecing'. It's a form of patchwork where fabrics are sewn directly on to a thin template right sides together and then 'flipped' over to cover a specific area of the design. But I don't get it. My problem is that I can't envisage the direction the fabric will go once flipped and so I have problems cutting the fabric the right size to cover the area needed. And then I go and use the wrong colour fabric and have to unpick it.

Anyway, enough excuses! Here is my... well... Santa.

There is a piece of his hat missing (hence the button!) the seams don't match and I obviously felt defeatist before I began because I used a dark thread throughout which is showing through. And he looked so good when I designed him on my quilting software!

Ah well, he's going to sit with me on my chair and look accusingly at me through his lovely vintage button eyes. And I will ask him to make me better at foundation piecing for Christmas!

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