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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I have been making a lot of Christmas decorations recently and I am finding myself embarking on a mission to make the perfect one.

Have you spent hours trawling around shops looking for the perfect bag, or the perfect pair of shoes? I am still looking for a pair of shoes that look elegant in themselves and actually make me look elegant - rather than looking elegant themselves and making me look like a trampling elephant. Ah, but I digress...

The perfect Christmas decoration for me would be something that looks stunning yet takes very little time to make. I have found small doesn't mean quick - just fiddly!

I will share photos of my endeavours in upcoming posts. This one is exhibit 'a'...

It's cute but as it's cross-stitch it took a while to make, and unfortunately I cannot claim ownership of the design, it was in one of the many magazines that I hoard. Still, if Santa gave me more hours in the day I would definitely make more of these as I do like them. However, that is unlikely to happen so back to the drawing board!

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