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Friday, 8 October 2010


Yes, I am aware that the above sock looks a little bit... well... weird. It looks like something Twiggy could wear OVER her wellies but I assure you it works... thus...

You see, the ribbing makes for a very good fit even over my... ahem... substantial ankle and calves!

These are destined to be for Mr HoffiCoffi. Well, I say these, I've knitted one.

The thing is, you start all excited about the prospect of knitting your own socks and it is truly amazing how, with pretty much no sewing involved, you can manipulate a tube of knitting into a fully formed sock. You marvel at the emerging pattern from a stripey ball of wool, the anticipation of whether you will be able to pick up the exact amount of stitches around the gusset (not my favourite word that!), those few stitches at the end and voila! It's amazing... the first time.

What? I have to make another one? But I want to make something else now!

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