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Friday, 22 October 2010


Am I allowed to talk about Christmas yet? I think people who like to make things should have special dispensation to talk about it earlier than normally allowed by sane, not even thinking about shopping until December, people. Plans have to be made. I was laughing at a book the other day when it gave a 'Christmas Countdown' starting at 10 weeks to go.

"Ha, ha, ten weeks to go? Why worry about Christmas with ten weeks to go. Chortle, chortle. Hang on... it's nine weeks until Christmas isn't it? Oh my goodness, I've got to start sewing NOW!"

So, my little production line is busy whirring away, both inside my head and on my sewing table, powered by more tea than you can shake a plantation at. Of course, doing little bits of everything means nothing is finished - so I have nothing to show for it as yet.

So, if you would be so kind, please take the pile of fabrics above as my little test card.... normal service will be resumed soon!

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