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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Normally, I act like a sane person and buy Birthday cakes. At other times I will do the second best sanest thing and ask Mr HoffiCoffi to make one. This time, however, with an increase in my allocated 'housewife' hours I decided to have a bash and make it myself!

Now, cakes are not a huge strong point of mine. I like making them but I don't have a real flair so it was with some trepidation that I started on my cakemaking exercise. But there is nothing like jumping in at the deep end is there? So I decided to make six cakes!!!! (All will become clear).

The first ones - ok, quite pretty.

The second batch - yeah, not quite sure about this...

The final bake - oh my goodness woman, what are you doing?!?

Once cooked, "sorry Mr HoffiCoffi, could you just decorate the top? I've been making these cakes allllll day!".

Cracking job Mr HoffiCoffi!

Then, why not stack them up into an implausible tower of a cake to make the long walk up to the swimming pool party look like an episode of Laurel and Hardy!

Luckily, it was all worth it when cut open....

Like all good epic tales, here are the end credits:

Thanks to:

The Idea of the Cake * The Internet
The Idea of the Top of the Cake * A book
Cake Decoration (not the icing - I made that!) and Chief Comedy Cake Carrier * Mr HoffiCoffi
Blue Cake Dye * Kindly supplied by Miss R
Official Photographer * Mrs J

Oh yeah, tasted ok as well!

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