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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I wonder when I will be brave enough to cut into my 'proper' stash of fabric.

Here is a skirt I have made out of an old bedsheet!

The problem is that I always have to redraft pattern pieces if I am making a skirt. One of the reasons I was drawn to dressmaking in the first place was because I was having trouble finding skirts that would fit me in the shops. I have a respectable waist measurement but a hip measurement that sends me to the biscuit tin every time I think about it! So if I make a standard size to fit over my hips then the waist is far too large. So I make a toile (practice) skirt every time.

I find then thought that once I've cut it out and sewn it together, put in a zip (first time doing a lapped zip - so had to practice that) I can't bear to leave all that work unfinished. And once finished, I can't bear not to wear it!

So, how do you disguise the fact that it was a bedsheet? I decided not to dye it because it is a polyester/cotton mix and I wasn't sure if it would dye very well. So decided to fabric paint it. I can't take credit for the flower design - it is from Lena Corwin's book 'Printing By Hand'. I also added a co-ordinating border using a piece of fabric bought at the charity shop (a.k.a. donation boutique!)

I am hoping to wear it with these shoes....

which were also purchased from my local donation boutique. Only problem is that after five minutes wearing them I can't feel one of my toes.... that can't be good!

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