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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

This is my latest dressmaking attempt. I've blown the budget with this skirt - the material was 99 pence from a charity shop! I was inspired to make it by wandering around my favourite clothes shop and gazing longingly at their skirts which, sadly, were being sold for over forty pounds. Went home and drew around a skirt I already owned and voila!

My favourite shop uses quite simple shapes for their skirts but what makes them special is the embellishment that is added. So I decided to do the same. My fabric was a lovely, but quite plain, green/grey check fabric so I added a green squiggly design (that's a technical term!) by freehand machine embroidery. It was actually easier to do as the check pattern acted as a grid to keep me in place.

I did encounter problems which would obviously have been avoided if I had paid over forty pounds. I didn't copy the skirt properly at the waist and it wouldn't have fitted so I had to chop an inch off the top so it would fit. And the vintage zipper I used has sadly broken which I am gutted about. Partly as it means I will have to sew in another zip and partly because I loved the zip - it was so old and still in it's original packaging which said "zip can be washed but do not mangle"!

Problem is of course whether I will get around to fitting another zip as it's a fiddly job and I'm desperate to wear it. Do you think it's bad form to proudly show off your handiwork when it has a safety pin holding it together?!

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