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Friday, 13 August 2010


I have read a top couture designer quote that you should use the most expensive fabric you can afford for your dressmaking. You are investing a lot of time into a piece and it therefore deserves to look its best with top quality fabric. I say pah! I am just starting out on my dressmaking journey and, like learning to walk, I am bound to stumble a bit and I don't want to be crying over an inaccurately cut £20 a metre piece of fabric.

I think, however, I may be going over the top on the price of the above dress. 15 pence. The floral material at the top is from two very worn pillowcases I bought at a scout jumble sale for 10 pence for the pair. The ribbon trim was from a bargain bag of 'lucky dip' lace, of which this is about 5 pence worth. My sister gave me the light green plain fabric ages ago and the zip I got for free from a lovely lady from Freecycle (Freecycle is a yahoo group where people can post unwanted/unused items for others to collect for free). So, 15 pence, and it actually worked - ok so it may look a little bit bad 70's bridesmaid but I kinda like that.


  1. I think its lovely. I really like the pillow case fabric, probably feels lovely and soft too.

  2. Thank you. Yes the pillow cases were very worn - so much so that they had repair patches on them - but I felt ok cutting them up as they couldn't be used anymore. It has resulted in a lovely soft fabric.