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Friday, 30 July 2010


After making my daughter a cushion I naturally asked my son if he would like one. He said straight away he wanted a blue cushion, I think he may have been a little worried that I only make cushions in pink! Luckily one of the things he suggested having on there was houses and I thanked my lucky stars as I knew I had many patterns for the schoolhouse patchwork block.

We had fun picking out the fabric and my client was quite clear what he wanted - blue houses, red doors, yellow windows. He was also very taken with a black fabric with stars on and that developed into making a cushion which went from night to day. I would love to take the credit for that but it was the children's idea, I cannot tell a lie!

I have run out of wadding and I knew that I wanted to put just a small amount of quilting on the front of the cushion. Luckily I remembered I had some blue fleece left over from a previous project and there was just enough left to also have it as the cushion back.

This has resulted in making this cushion the softest ever and I have one very happy client!

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