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Saturday, 10 July 2010


I surprised myself by managing to make a second cake for the 'design a cake' competition I mentioned in an earlier post.

I had a few patchwork blocks made with scraps of the gingham fabric already so I decided to design my cake around them. With my trusty compass I made a template for the sections on the top of the cake and pieced it together. It would probably have been easier to do using the foundation piecing method where you stitch the fabric directly onto the template but I never seem to get it right! (Will have to practice by making a full size quilt I think - should be ok with the technique by the end of that!)

The writing was the trickiest bit and I'm hoping that the skill involved will compensate for the wobbliness! It is done by lowering the feed dogs on the sewing machine, attaching a special quilting foot and then you control the direction and size of the stitch by the speed of the machine and also by how fast you move the material. It feels a bit like patting your head whilst rubbing your tummy. I found out how many 'fancy a slice's' you could machine embroider without going mad. The answer is seven. I did eight!

It took about a day to complete and I prefer it to my earlier entry so I'm hoping I have improved my chances of winning something. If not, and they run a similar competition next year, I'll be struggling over a three tiered wedding cake!

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