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Sunday, 9 May 2010


I spend a silly amount of time just looking at fabric. Ida love the stuff. So much so that I decided that now was the time to design a bit of textile of my very own.

I decided to use a stencil technique and, whilst not boring you with the full details, I did take lots of photos (there is a lovely end result - promise!)

Firstly I drew a simple floral design using a well trusted quilting template and cut out my stencils.

Then I applied two coats of my first acrylic colour on the design.

I had also made some foam stamps by cutting out a simple hand drawn flower, any leftover paint was used to stamp this design onto small pieces of notepaper. Waste not want not!

I then applied one coat of a darker green just on the centre of the stencils.

And the end result - a totally unique to me cushion!

I've got a horrible feeling this could get totally addictive!


  1. Oh my goodness... I think you may have spread the bug my way! This is very cute. I love it.